We work in the fields of UI/UX design, interiors, photography and art direction.

Clients we work for

Our clients.

JPMorgan Chase, 2019

Berkshire Hathaway, 2019

Royal Dutch Shell, 2018

Mastercard, 2018

HSBC Holdings, 2018

Anheuser-Busch InBev, 2018

Procter & Gamble, 2017

Merck & Co., 2017

Unilever, 2017

L’Oréal Group, 2016

Novo Nordisk, 2016

Naspers, 2016

Allianz, 2016

The Founders

We The founding team has a diverse set of skills and experiences ranging from publishing, product development, startups,
marketing, complex site architecture, blockchain, and community development.

We have come together to bring opportunities, expertise, and knowledge so our members can navigate the search,
protection, and development of their ideas in a safe environment.

Our Team