Introducing Our Services

nvntr offers tools to help inventors research, protect, and develop strong intellectual property (IP) around their ideas.

Do you have an idea and want to license it or turn it into a profitable business? An obvious first step is to check if your ideas are
patentable. We offer an affordable array of intellectual property search and analysis services. Patent research and analytics, patent
drafting, IP strategies, and patent valuation studies are all done with a quick turnaround.

Our services are delivered using the best intelligence there is… human intelligence.

Although some patent analytics firms rely on AI methods like Natural Language Processing to automatically generate patent search
results, the reality is that patents are just too complex and variable in their technical vocabulary to ensure that no important search
results are omitted from a search, which is why we use human analysts to ensure the highest quality results.


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nvntrMARKETPLACE is coming soon… stay tuned!

A revolutionary space for inventors, investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs to buy and sell inventions and patents. As a member,
you will get the chance to display your product in nvntrMARKETPLACE and be seen by all stakeholders in the community. One perk
of being a member of nvntr is the opportunity to grow your connections. Network with fellow inventors, investors, and professionals
who can help you turn your ideas into reality.