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At nvntr, we provide you with patent search tools that will help you check what already exists so you can either invent around the search results and create something different or increase the patentability of your innovative ideas by checking their uniqueness. Through patent search, our search professionals identify all art that is published before a patent application is filed, along with documentation including citations and excerpts from all references that are discovered.

Why Do You Need Our Patent Search?

Although you may believe that your invention is 100% original, without patent research, you can’t be sure that it is actually “unique.” With a quality patent search, you can find out if your invention is more likely to qualify for a patent. It will reveal if there is something nearly identical or shares commonality with your idea.

Patent searches can save you time and money by ensuring that your invention is preexisting or not and can save you from investing unnecessary funds. Through our patent search, you can learn whether or not your patent might violate other patent rights or invalidate one that competes with yours.

Additionally, a patent search can assist you with improving your idea by providing you with a better understanding of what else is available. When you research other patents, you’re able to evaluate whether your invention is different and useful, and, if necessary, make changes and adjustments to improve and strengthen your creations.

Moreover, the patent search benefits you with the confidence of learning as much as you can about your invention. We have helped our clients find peace of mind by conducting a patent search, allowing them to understand whether a market-changing invention has already been made, as well as how similar or different their design is. Finding positive results on a patent search puts you closer to patenting your idea and monetizing it!

What You Get With nvntrSEARCH

Quick Search Reports

Our fast turnaround and relevant search results in information about your idea you can act on quickly.quickly.

Valid Search Results

We make sure that you’re getting the right results before you invest in patenting your innovations.

Protect Your ideas

You can be sure that your invention or idea will remain unique with the patent search we conduct.

Create Around New ideas

Our services will let you discover what’s already out there enabling you to be more competitive and gain an edge over your competitors.

Patent Experts

Our team of experts is highly professional and well-versed in the technical nuances relating to intellectual property.

Our Patent Search Plans

We offer a variety of patent search options to fit your budget and your invention protection
goals, each offering a different degree of depth and breadth of prior-art patent research.

Q1. Who can apply for a patent?

A. A patent can be applied for only in the names of the actual inventors. Fun Fact: “A computer using artificial intelligence can’t be listed as an inventor on patents because only a human can be an inventor under U.S. law, a federal judge ruled in the first American decision that’s part of a global debate over how to handle computer-created innovation.” (Only Humans, Not AI Machines, Get a U.S. Patent, Judge Says — Bloomberg Technology, 3 September 2021)

Q2. What can and cannot be patented?

A-1. What can be patented: 
• Process
• Machine
• Article of manufacture
• Composition of matter
• Improvement of any of the above

2. What cannot be patented:
• Laws of nature
• Physical phenomena
• Abstract ideas
• Literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works (these can be protected under Copyright). 
• Inventions Offensive to public morality

Q.3 What is the validity of a patent?

Patent protection is granted for a limited period, normally 20 years from the filing date of the application.