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Welcome to the nvntrPARTNERS PROGRAM

Looking to expand your business or practice?

nvntrPARTNERS is not just a directory, it’s an active entry into our growing ecosystem of information, education, and opportunity for inventors. It has three levels and all are participatory, from our active listing, to discounts on services, to a comprehensive marketing campaign to grow your business. All Partners are screened and approved to protect and benefit everyone in our community.


Our basic level listing that connects you to the nvntrECOSYSTEM.

We build a custom page on our platform using your business
information along with any offers or specials to locate your
best customers.

Your page includes:

  • your business category and description
  • your ideal client/ customer profile
  • related businesses
  • search tags
  • offers/specials that you want to promote
  • optional: direct appointment booking service

Our marketing experts work with you to make a successful
page that best promotes your business.

Active users of our services can add our discount program.


Ideal for attorneys and agents, small/medium companies, and influencers with a larger reach to inventors.

You receive a 10% discount off all nvntrSERVICES either as custom coupon code or a commission payout.

In addition to your custom page, you get:

  • 10% off searches, analytics, prep, business, trademark
    and copyright services


Law firms and other enterprise-class companies contact us!


Ideal for anyone looking to next-level their business and tap into our powerful marketing campaign led by nvntr and USA Today... Perfect for businesses expanding into new markets, looking for a cost-effective way to utilize a top-tier marketing firm.

Digital ads target prospective customers and direct traffic and referrals to your business. Monthly reports keep you current!

What you get:

  • a powerful branding piece
  • custom lead generation
  • traffic driven to your site
  • 50,000 monthly impressions
  • improved SEO rankings
  • custom images you can use
  • discounts on nvntrSERVICES

You’ll benefit from a coordinated marketing campaign. Within days your page will go live and you will see results in a few weeks.

Report analytics include:

  • performance
  • ads
  • regional data
  • categories
  • time and day breakdowns
  • engagement
  • sites where your ads were displayed in the prior month
Use data from subsequent months to fine-tune your page and optimize your campaign.

Your business is promoted using:

  • social media
  • newsletters
  • blog posts
  • client reports

Once approved, you:

  • become part of our overall marketing campaign
  • get introductions to our customers and resources
  • help us build resources we all share

You’ll be part of the nvntrECOSYSTEM with connections to nvntrSERVICES: information, education, and opportunity.

Recap — Do this to join nvntrPARTNERS:

Sign up! When you join, we build your unique, dedicated page. Pick a template, create custom offers, and add direct appointments from your page if you wish. This will establish a powerful marketing suite for your business!

See how easy it is to start receiving real-time data from targeted ads with 50,000 guaranteed monthly impressions, benefits from our cutting-edge ad platform, and strategic placement to drive results… in just weeks.

Call us for onboarding help if you need it. We’re looking forward to having you as part of the nvntrECOSYSTEM!