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Get your brand trademarked or track the one you have. To get started, we need your trade mark/name and/or trade logo/symbol. Tell us which Nice
class you want to search in and what country. Note that additional search charges accrue with each additional Nice classes and/or country you
want to search.
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$129 nvntrTRADEMARK Search
What it does:
  • Prepares you for a trademark filing
  • Confirms your brand can be registered in the target jurisdictions
  • Helps avoid legal actions
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$99/month nvntrTRADEMARK Tracking
What it does:
  • Detects and flags new trademark filings
  • Checks for potentially infringing filings
  • Protects your trademark value
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• Trademarks were created to protect businesses from unfair competition and eliminate confusion in the marketplace
• A trademark can be any word or symbol or combination of both used to distinguish identity for a brand, product or service
• A trademark search is an important step prior to filing for a trademark, protecting the applicant from non-refundable fees and wasted time
• Search and find out if your mark is infringing to avoid legal actions, If it’s not, you can register your mark as a trademark

• Claims your brand as your own
• Makes it much easier to legally protect yourself from others using your mark
• Trademarks are an asset that can be monetized and licensed

Trademark Tracking

• A broad search is repeated regularly in each jurisdiction to detect potentially infringing or confusing trademark filings.
• Trademark owners are responsible for enforcing their own trademark rights
• Periodically monitors trademark filings which conflict with client’s marks and may be a potential business risk
• The monitoring service is designed to detect potential oversights by the
trademark office

• Provides a second opinion on trademark office decisions
• Lets you react quickly to file opposition for a mark
• Greatly reduces the risk of infringing marks appearing on the market
• Helps ensure your trademarks are secure across all monitored jurisdictions

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