Do you have a great idea for a product but confused about where to start?

nvntr offers tools to help individual inventors, firms, organizations, and entities research, protect, and develop strong intellectual property (IP) around their ideas, products, and businesses. Our team can help turn your invention into a reality, taking it one step at a time.

Patent Search services help you determine patentability. You start by finding out if your idea is already out there. What steps do I take to improve my idea and protect it? 

When your idea is ready, we can help you decide what kind of protection is best for that idea, and prepare you to file your patent. Once your patent is filed, we can help you respond to Office Actions from the USPTO.

To protect your brand, use our Trademark Search. To keep it protected, monitor your trademark with our “TM Track” service. 

Under our Business Services, small and large businesses, startups, incubators, and accelerators can benefit from tracking Competition, keeping an eye on patent applications similar to yours, or get a global look at your industry through our Market Intelligence Report. 

Strengthen the patents you have and expand your portfolio with Analytics products that can strengthen your patents and IP portfolio, and expand your business and competitive intelligence. 

With nvntr, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that your idea is protected and that you’re taking the necessary steps to bring it to market. Join our community and let us help you get started on your invention journey. 

Visit our website now to learn more about how nvntr can help you get from idea to income.

David Alan Foster
David Alan Foster