Why nvntr?

We are building a unique global community that brings product inventors and service providers together in a platform to get support and turn inventions and patents into profitable businesses.

nvntr has deep roots that go back to the publication of Invent! Magazine, and now broad expertise that includes intellectual property law, data analysis, research, industrial design, patent drafting, monetization, and patent valuation.

As we launch our services, inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors can feel secure knowing that our members’ ideas and inventions are recorded in the nvntrMARKETPLACE, employing smart contract technology and protection on the blockchain.
Our Mission

To serve as a platform where inventors can get needed support to turn their inventions and patents into profitable enterprises.

Our Community

Through our community, anyone who has an idea can use our resources, financial assistance, legal advice, and online networking to successfully bring their products to market.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to solve the fundamental challenges being faced by inventors throughout their product development process.

Have an idea?

Take this important first step today! Use our patent search to see if your idea is already out there! We can help with any patent, trademark, and/or copyright issues.

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